Picasso and Paper : not to be missed.

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Extraordinary exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s use of and association with paper throughout his life at the Royal Academy of Arts – the exhibition examines and represents every decade of Picasso’s life. The extraordinary energy and commitment of Picasso comes through – his endless experimentation and use of whatever paper came to hand. I bought the catalogue and will be writing more tomorrow but have seen enough to recommend this exhibition.

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Last Days of ‘Cut and Paste – 400 years of Collage’

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This amazing exhibition at the National Galleries of Scotland is closing this weekend – get there while you can. It reviews 400 years of this versatile and inclusive art form. The chosen technique of both the 18th century gentlewoman and the twentieth century political radical.

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‘Are Cheap Clothes Ruining the Planet?’

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Dana Thomas ‘ Fashionopolis – the Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes.’ Do listen to this brilliant book review on the New York Times podcast. I am an addict of the New York Times book review podcasts as they are long enough to really give you a feel for the book and the author. The interviewers are non-intrusive and yet get their interviewees to reveal extra information about their subject. I often listen to them again. The amount of textiles going to landfill (as we have discussed before) is astounding and includes that go from manufacture directly to...

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Dragon vase – Korean – 17th century -immediate impact

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  This amazing vase is on show at the Asian Art Museum – it looks as it was made yesterday – it actually dates from the 17th century. It was made in Korea during the Joseon dynasty, which lasted five centuries.  The dragon has a great sense of movement and life and winds it way around the whole, beautifully curved pot. The shape of the pot and sinuous curves of the dragon – the dragon has a beautiful face and looks benign and wise.  Apparently in Korea the dragon is not a creature to be feared – like the dragons in European stories – it is...

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Drawing with Kate Boucher

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Back to the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at West Dean College – fantastic teaching in a beautiful setting.  Today we were discovering how to use charcoal to draw landscapes – and also thinking about how we discover new ideas.  Kate Boucher is a QEST scholar and has thought deeply about how we have creative ideas (i.e. what sparks them in the first place) and how we develop them, as well as being a fine artist in textiles, forged steel and charcoal. She is also a wonderful teacher and full of ideas as well as practical ways to approach creating a piece of...

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Caravaggio Exhibition: The National Gallery

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I went to the members preview of the Caravaggio exhibition on Monday 10th October at The National Gallery¬†– although it was limited admittance it was very full and reviews have suggested it will be the ‘must see’ exhibition of the winter. There are actually only 7 of his works on show; that said these are worth travelling to see in their own right, particularly ‘The Taking of Christ’ where Judas does not quite kiss Jesus and Caravaggio himself looks on in the background, seemingly both horrified and mesmerised. The rest of the exhibition focuses on...

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