‘Are Cheap Clothes Ruining the Planet?’

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Dana Thomas ‘ Fashionopolis – the Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes.’ Do listen to this brilliant book review on the New York Times podcast.

I am an addict of the New York Times book review podcasts as they are long enough to really give you a feel for the book and the author. The interviewers are non-intrusive and yet get their interviewees to reveal extra information about their subject. I often listen to them again.

The amount of textiles going to landfill (as we have discussed before) is astounding and includes that go from manufacture directly to landfill. The clothes ‘dumped’ in some countries in Africa and other emerging economies are ruining local textile companies, tailors and seamstresses.

One of the most telling comments was that a line of clothes designed for secretaries on sale a main New York department store cost the same in absolute terms (i.e. not with allowance for inflation) as they would now.

Dana Thomas has done us all a favour by reminding us of the dreadful cost to the environment of our addiction to fast, cheap fashion.

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