Gallery 5 Post Impressionists

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Gallery 5 Post Impressionists

Gallery 5 contains more landscapes but these are Post-Impressionist, Fauve or Cubist.  There are two by Paul Cezanne (1839-1906)- a most beautiful landscape of an Aqueduct in the Aix countryside. The Aqueduct  itself (in this painting) is seen in the distance, through tall trees which really dominate the painting. 

Reading round, trying to understand more, it seems he painted many different views of the same landscapes showing just how different the same area can look from different view points, in different lights and different moods. 

This painting was apparently very influential in the development of Cubism – Cezanne emphasising ‘a geometric approach to shapes and space in order to apply a “logic of organized sensations.”‘ Not much understood in his life time but having a profound effect on the development of painting. 

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