Gallery 4 : landscapes by Monet

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Gallery 4 : landscapes by Monet

Gallery 4 is full of landscapes.  Shchukin was clearly a deeply thoughtful and spiritual man as well as a successful businessman and great traveller. 

He came into contact with Paul Durand-Ruel (whose collections formed a subject of a recent National Gallery exhibition) in 1898 and began collecting the French Impressionists – long before most people became interested. 

Gallery 4 contains 8 works by Monet painted between 1866 and 1904 – this beautiful painting of foggy, dirty London was actually completed when Monet was living in Giverny. 

Shchukin had a collection of over ninety landscapes – he travelled extensively in the middle east and wrote extensively about his personal spiritual, reactions to changing light and the undulating, shifting landscape of the desert. 

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