CAS: how exhibition screen print was made

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CAS: how exhibition screen print was made

This is a mono print i.e. it is the only one in existence that has this particular arrangement of colours and patterns. The terminology is very confusing as some would call a mono print one print made from a repeatable plate or block. This is a screen print and the photo stencil part of it is the repeatable block.

I made it at Gainsborough’s House print studio whilst working with Annabel Ridley (who is currently exhibiting there). I first made the colour blocks – strong and deep – with repeated printing and overlaying of colour using paper stencils.

Later (once these were dry) I overprinted the colour with patterns from a photo stencil made from found objects. Then I added a frisson of gold leaf.

It was made over a period of days, reconsidering what would look right at every stage.

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