OLSA : On the Road to Santiago

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OLSA : On the Road to Santiago

OLSA Exhibition ends with success.

The exhibition at the Exchange Gallery at Saffron Walden library ended in mid-June. It was a very encouraging experience with the opportunity to have direct feedback on the prints, drawings and embroideries that stemmed from my journey to Santiago de Compostela.

The picture featured here was bought by a friend.  We had a moment of great connection when I was showing her round and she said ‘that reminds me of the woods in Galicia‘ which was the exact subject of the ink and pastel drawing. This may sound trivial but it meant so much to me that something I had created alone had triggered a whole series of happy memories for Karen.

I walked the route with my daughter and although there was no Damascene conversion or life change immediately walking the last 70 miles of The Camino has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Each day had a simple structure – walking to the next destination, and in company with other pilgrims and with history. It was a beautifully complex experience. Earthly life is often described as a pilgrimage in Christian theology. Our history, physical and internal, has many layers and as Rudolph says in ‘Pilgrimage to the End of the World.’

“These sites, including Santiago, are not the goal. From the medieval point of view, the pilgrimage was not just the physical arrival at a holy place, but the experience of progressing towards that destination.”


I guess that is why so many of the images that spontaneously arose from the journey are of paths – taking us forward to new landscapes.


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