NADFAS lecture Frida Kahlo

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Wonderful lecture today at NADFAS meeting in Saffron Walden. Concerned Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera – he seemed the more important in their lifetime. He concentrated on big, bold, political images, impersonal and designed to make a historical point. His work is found mostly in public buildings and was commissioned by some of the important people of his time. Frida painting her private sorrows, like her miscarriage, her sense of isolation whilst in the USA or while her husband had one of his numerous affairs.

Now it is Frida Kahlo who is better regarded – the intensity and honesty of her work evoking emotions we can share with her, sorrow being an important one.

She endured so much and died so young – leaving a significant body of work in spite of her years of pain and ill-health.


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