OLSA: Delacroix exhibition at National Gallery

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Eugene Delacroix  (1798 – 1863) was a name I knew but I realised that I had little knowledge of his work and simply no awareness of his profound influence on modern art, particularly on some of the Impressionists like Cezanne and Courbet.


This exhibition at the National Gallery is beautifully balanced – with paintings by Delacroix side by side with paintings by other artists, influenced by that particular work by Delacroix.

In the first rooms we see Delacroix copying or adapting other artists work in his intense quest to improve his own work and learn his craft.

He had formidable drive and great persistence  and felt that experimentation was the road to developing a personal style.

It was inspiring to see the ambition of the subjects he took on and the resilience he had in the face of criticism but of his subject matter and the boldness of his interpretation.

I  was pleased to see that some of his paintings about a particular place also used inspiration from other landscapes.


Inspiring and encouraging.




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