OLSA: Chunghi Lee: textile artist.

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The group are very lively and friendly. During conversation I was  introduced to the work of a most wonderful textile artist Chunghi Lee.  Janice Gunner, an artist and teacher herself, and  an expert on world textiles,  mentioned her work in conversation and then, after some persistence, we found some information about her  on the web.

Korean patchwork is called pojagi – a different way of seaming is used so that the seams are thicker and more formed. It is lively and dynamic and colourful.

It is not that easy to find images and I cannot directly link to them but look in ‘images searching with Chunghi Lee.’ She uses silk and the sort of translucent linen to make the most beautiful diaphanous  hangings and quilts.

Lee has also designed and made twists on  traditional Korean clothing – regal, colourful – floating and almost unconnected to the earth.


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