OLSA: West Dean College Drawing in a Landscape

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OLSA: West Dean College Drawing in a Landscape

Very excited to be back at West Dean though the light is very different now. Just started a drawing course and on the very first evening we went out in the dark to walk round and experience the landscape – without speaking, without taking any extra light with us. Then we went back to the studio and (tried) to draw what we had experienced. It was wonderfully peaceful and although we did not speak as we walked – I experienced profound sense of the group. 

There was a surprising amount of artificial light around the site and I felt very curious about what was happening in the brightly lit rooms. The trees seemed to loom out of the landscape as we approached and some had very complex branches that reached down to brush our heads as we walked. Used charcoal for most of the drawings and learned today about fixing the charcoal by using a spray. In art there seem to be many dangerous chemicals – well dangerous if cumulated over many years – this is one thing that has surprised me. Apparently some people use hairspray but this darkens over time so is not recommended. Hope to have some pictures to post tomorrow.


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