OLSA: at Annabel Ridley’s Suffolk studio

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OLSA: at Annabel Ridley’s Suffolk studio

I had the great pleasure of working at Annabel Ridley’s Suffolk studio. Annabel is a most generous tutor as well as a distinguished artist. At the beginning of her career she had printed bridal silks and I wanted to improve my fabric printing skills. A friend has commissioned a silk scarf in autumnal colours and I am using Vanners silks. This silk mill has been in Sudbury since 1740 and has a wonderful shop where you can buy beautiful, perfect silks that are no longer being sold or supplied. The one that is pictured is a rich deep orange.

We started by preparing our colours – fabric dyes are different from the paints that you use when silk-screening onto paper – it is amazing how little dye you need to add to make the colour strong.

I was using a screen that I developed on the first course run by Annabel that I attended at Gainsborough House print workshop – I now go every year to improve my skills and learn more – and was made with household objects. There is a piece of lace, a shopping bag, a necklace and a thin chain which makes the stencil have lots of textures

I was combining this with a screen I made this year which used rubbings from the furniture in the garden at Gainsborough on newsprint which was then oiled and dried and laid against a screen.

I have started with a picture of the three layers of print – the darker background is the table print, the lighter yellow the string bag area and the pink the necklace …all now interlaced.

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