OLSA: Road to Santiago exhibition

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OLSA: Road to Santiago exhibition

Delighted to hear that my work has been accepted for an exhibition at Saffron Walden library in 2016. It happens that the dates offered coincide with the time I was actually walking the Camino in 2011 – so that feels poetic.

I am looking forward very much to working on more images for this exhibition and also providing some information about the Camino pilgrimage about which I knew very little before I planned to go.

It is easier to start with the destination – the Cathedral of St James in Santiago de Compostela – which houses the shrine of the apostle of St James. I have attached one photograph which we took when we delightedly arrived after our 100 km (70 mile) walk through Galicia  in north west Spain.


It was interesting to hear the story on the news yesterday that the monks at Glastonbury had possibly exaggerated the stories attached to their monastery to encourage pilgrimage – which was a great source of income for towns in the middle ages. It is clear that the medieval rulers of Galicia  promoted the story of the burial of St James in Galicia – requiring miraculous transport of his body from The Holy Land –  to help support a   deprived area of Galicia. However it came about the pilgrimage to the cathedral of St James, is a great inspiration and time of reflection for many – including those without formal religious belief. The name of the city is very poetic – St James of the Field of Stars (compostela) and the city itself a jewel of medieval architecture.


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