Santiago de Compostela: screen prints.

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Santiago de Compostela: screen prints.

I have been thinking about Santiago de Compostela recently as I am working on a number of images from my pilgrimage there with my daughter in 2009. Livs had just finished her GCSEs – I had just had treatment again for SLE and was hopeful that I would have a prolonged remission – it was not to be, but I did not know that when I set off.
It was a wonderful trip – beautiful surroundings, gentle climate, spending time with Livs with an overarching purpose (reaching Santiago on foot) and meeting so many happy people. I have a number of photographs from that trip that I have used to create photo stencils and I am working on more. The richness and happiness of that time has lingered in my mind.

The picture at the top is of succulents that grew by the roadside in all the rural areas. They were fantastically hardy and grew out of walls and roof tiles as well in the roadside.

A photostencil is created by coating a silkscreen with photoemulsion and then exposing an photo- image (with strong contrasts of black and white) against it. Often it is necessary to work into the image.

I will explain more tomorrow.

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