OLSA textiles and prints: dog in a trough

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OLSA textiles and prints: dog in a trough

Dog in a trough: all dogs know how to live the good life and Hattie is no exception. This picture was taken when we were on holiday in Cornwall, a couple of years ago, when Hattie found the perfect, simple solution to being too hot. I have used the photograph for both cards and prints and it clearly resonates with a number of people. Some versions of the print are shown below.

This one is blue dog, printed on a blue and white screen printed background that I had already prepared (an experiment) then I screen printed Hattie’s image on from another photo stencil. This screen has a much finer mesh (97)  and therefore lets in less ink but allows there to be more detail, like fine blades of grass.

I have tried printing it in different ways,   exploring how Hattie’s image might look against different backgrounds – I have also prepared an image where the photographer has been edited out.


Here is one where Hattie’s image is superimposed on a variegated painted/silkscreened image again using a lower count mesh (47, i.e. with bigger holes (!) which let in more ink.  

These have been quite popular, but with requests for some  plain black and white prints too..more of those tomorrow.

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