Radwinter Show

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Radwinter Show

A word about the Radwinter fete including the Flower and Vegetable show.  Interesting how a local event like this can incorporate the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing.’ This morning I was tempted (with all the horrible rain) not to try and extract plants from the garden and prepare them for some of the classes. I had some baking to enter ( aim this year to come above last place in the victoria sandwich class, where humiliatingly my cake usually finds itself), the tea bread and the honey buns. The latter are gluten-free – a class I was keen to set up because my daughter is wheat sensitive.

I did not enter any of the art and craft classes but put together the culinary herbs arrangement and the ornamental shrub. I am not a flower arranger – however I have found being given an incentive to go out and really look at shrubs and flowers to select the most beautiful specimens helps me to learn  to really notice the beauty of leaves and flowers, the shapes that branches make, the subtlety of the 

variations in shading on leaves and petals. In the rain the herbs gave off a very strong smell as I harvested them, the sage and rosemary very pungent, the mint and parsley very sweet. I have learned so much from previous shows about the importance of using the right vase and arranging your cakes on the plate elegantly.

It was a lovely afternoon although it rained so hard – everyone who had organised it had tried so hard to make it a success, delicious teas and cakes, the tombola, the book stall – catching up with friends from the village.

It was easy to do connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give (and get something back) in one easy day. Yes and my victoria sandwich came 2nd from last – progress!silver panel tea cosy

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