The Wellbeing Journal

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The Wellbeing Journal

One of the themes of this blog is the contribution that creativity can make to our health. I became interested in this when  I worked as a palliative care consultant. Perhaps when we get very ill, our creativity, although it may be diminished by illness, is one of the important aspects of us  that remains and may even be stimulated by our fear of having limited time left in our lives. The Wellbeing Journal was published in collaboration with The Fitzwilliam Museum education department, in Cambridge.  It took about five years to complete the journal which was based partly on research I had carried out with Professor Felicia Huppert of Cambridge University and also on the Five Ways to Wellbeing, developed by a think tank called  ‘the new economics foundation’ (lower case deliberate). The Five Ways to Wellbeing are ‘evidence-based actions’ which, if followed regularly, help to enhance our own personal resilience.  More on this tomorrow.



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