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I did try and take a photograph of the kangaroo but not yet expert enough to get it good enough to show. Planning to make it up into a quilt for the exhibition at Birmingham NEC, though have not yet planned how to get there yet.

Interesting how the SLE I have has an impact on plans like that – I am aware how keeping myself in remission (as far as I can influence that) means taking lots of small actions every day. Some substitutions, some changes in mode of travel, cancellations of things you would really like to do but know they would contribute to a detrimental impact on health.

I really need to be at the quilt show for two days – and to bring any quilts I will show home. So a car would be useful but it’s a long drive – so need to stay one night and two would be better so that I am rested to look round the show. Being there for two days I would like to attend some of the excellent workshops on offer but need to husband my energy. So what would have been a very simple plan has turned into quite a convoluted set of trade-offs and I’m not there yet! If I don’t watch out everything will be booked up.


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