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Design Essentials

Thwarted by broadband problems for a couple of days. Having another coffee morning at Design Essentials in Saffron Walden tomorrow which will be great fun. I am coming to the end of my stint there which has been very enjoyable, giving me lots of opportunities to visit the shop with friends and family. I am also getting ready to take some of my prints over to the Haddenham Galleries near Ely tomorrow where I will be exhibiting over the summer.

I have been doing some more work lately on some images from an 18th century (almost 19th century as published in 1800) children’s book of animals – designed to educate it includes some exotic creatures including the kangaroo, the elephant and the cameleopard – not of course a real animal though one they imagined existed.

I will be showing prints of The Hog, The Hare and The Horse at Haddenham and I am working on some more photo stencils of other animals. I particularly love the kangaroo and will show pictures of it printed onto fabric tomorrow.

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