The Road to Santiago

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The Road to Santiago

It seems to be working so I will go ahead. First I will try to reproduce what was last earlier in the week.

The picture is  a photo stencil of an image I took on the pilgrimage to Santiago. Like many people I did the last 100 km (70 miles) in 2010. It was a wonderful time and one of the things I loved most was the plants growing by the roadside – and not only by the roadside but in walls, roofs and rocks. They were a sort of succulent plant and I intend to use more of these photographs in screen printing.

I worked into the image above when I had printed it onto acetate  – photo stencils work best when there are no grey tones but more black or white – so here I have made the stalks blacker by using a felt pen. More tomorrow about a few lovely days in  Dublin

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