Photo stencil technique

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Photo stencil technique

I said I would talk about photo stencilling yesterday – it is a wonderful technique as it is so versatile -first you coat a  silkscreen with a photo emulsion and allow it to dry. Coating the screen is tricky as the coating needs to be thin and even and the emulsion is put onto the screen from  a trough held against the screen. Getting right the angle of the edge of trough against the screen is essential and takes plenty of practice – I find I need someone else skilled to help me.

Once the emulsion is dry (and this is usually done in a drying cabinet protected from light) you can hold objects against it and expose the image in a light box. This is surprisingly quick.

The silk screen pictured above  needed two screens and two separate screen printings – the first golden layer is created from a photo stencil made up of lace and necklace and a string shopping bag (amongst other things) ! The second overprinted layer is a peacock feather screen – I have added more layers to similar screen prints.

I particularly like building up the screen prints from different layers. I will write about a completely different photo stencil made from a photograph tomorrow – an image which I love and one that others seem to love too.  It was one that sold yesterday (framed) at Design essentials – the lovely shop in Saffron Walden where I have some of my textiles and prints at the moment.

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